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Tom Purdom

Tom Purdom's first published story appeared in the August, 1957 issue of a magazine called Fantastic Universe His latest can be found in the November-December issue of Asimov's, now on sale. His contributions to the science fiction scene include novels, short stories and novelettes, magazine articles, book reviews, two terms as vice president of SFWA , three years as Eastern Regional Director of SFWA, and approximately fifteen years of volunteer work for the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and Philcon. In the last twenty-eight years, he has produced a series of short stories and novelettes that has appeared in Asimov's, Jim Baen's Universe, and anthologies such as the year's best series edited by Gardner Dozois and David Hartwell. Fantastic Books has published two collections of his stories: Lovers and Fighters, Starships and Dragons and Romance on Four Worlds, A Casanova Quartet. He lives in center city Philadelphia where he devotes himself to a continuous round of concerts, social events, and other urban pleasures.