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Terry Steiner Sisk Graybill

Long-time moderator of the PSFS Hugo Review Panel (shhh – 38 years, but who’s counting), Terry was raised from earliest childhood on a steady diet of mythology, fairy tales and fantasy, moving into science fiction along the way. She taught science fiction and fantasy for six years at a local Philadelphia-area high school, has painted and drawn SF works, is active in fandom, particularly PSFS and Philcon. She was part of the Philly in ‘86 bid and the later successful bid for the 2001 worldcon, The Millenium Philcon, where she headed the Communications Division. She ran the main program track of the 1986 worldcon in Atlanta. She has worked on publicity and publications for Philcons, PSFS, bids and other non-SF-related organizations. She was the first recipient of PSFS’s Oswald Train Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award for service to the Society. Professionally, she is a graphic designer, editor and marketing communications specialist. She has been designing and producing the Philcon bookmarks, postcards, program book and more for several years.