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Susan Shwartz

Back after several years, Susan Shwartz's most recent books are a reprint of WHITE WING (with Shariann Lewitt , writing as Gordon Kendall) and THE SUBVERSIVE JOB HUNGER'S HAND BOOK. She is also responsible for HOSTILE TAKEOVER (Tor) and the VULCAN SOUL trilogy (with the late Josepha Sherman; SECOND CHANCES, a retelling of LORD JIM; a collection of short fiction called SUPPOSE THEY GAVE A PEACE and Other Stories, SHARDS OF EMPIRE (Tor) and CROSS AND CRESCENT (Tor), set in Byzantium; along with the STAR TREK novels (written with Josepha Sherman) VULCAN'S FORGE and VULCAN'S HEART. Others of her works include THE GRAIL OF HEARTS, a revisionist retelling of Wagner's PARSIFAL, and over 70 pieces of short fiction. She has been nominated for the Hugo twice, the Nebula five times, the Edgar and World Fantasy Award once, and has won the HOMer, an award for science fiction given by Compuserve.