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Muriel Stockdale

Muriel Stockdale’s successful 35-year career in entertainment as a designer, director, filmmaker and artist honed her ability and desire to tell her stories. She has for her entire life been fascinated by myths, spirituality and science fiction. She began avidly reading and comparing diverse creation myths at age ten then moved onto science fiction as a teen. Muriel was soon disappointed to find that the genre rarely considers evolution of consciousness. She has spent her life devouring material about the inner, sacred, unknown nature of man by reading sacred texts, scientific studies and contemporary books expressing diverse spiritual points of view. Her first novel, Gabriel Born, published in December 2016 by Balboa press explores consciousness and creativity. It presents a window of possibility for science and the mystical to interact and is intended to inspire and enthuse its audience. The novel is based on her award winning film script entitled, Gabriel’s Flight.