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Marilyn 'Mattie' Brahen

Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen has published fiction in magazines and anthologies in America and Great Britain. Her 2003 first novel, CLAIMING HER, and its 2009 sequel, REFORMING HELL, received good reviews. A third mystery novel, BABY BOY BLUE, was published in 2011 and resold to Linford Mystery Library in Great Britain in 2014. Mattie has had reviews in the New York Review of Science Fiction, and essays in the NEIL GAIMAN READER. She also enjoys photography, art and is a singer-songwriter-guitarist. Her first collection of her short stories is being published, and will be available hopefully in time for Philcon. She lives with her husband, editor and author Darrell Schweitzer, and their two cats, Tolkien and Lillyput, in Northeast Philadelphia.