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Lisa Ashton

Lisa Ashton is a SF/Fantasy/Historical costumer living in Harpers Ferry, WV. At Philcon 2010 she and Sandy Swank won BIS wtih "The Letter", a re-creation of the famous Civil War letter written by Sullivan Ballou to his wife Sarah early in the war. She has also done a humorous but historically accurate re-creation of Lizzie Borden. This past Arisia she appeared as Mother in "Three-fold Goddess" which was awarded BIS in the Masquerade, as well as "Sweet 16's" at Balticon, an homage to 2016. She founded Miss Lizzy's Traveling Historical Fashion Show, and collects antique photographs and tintypes, as well as authentic garments and material culture from the Victorian era. She loves Czech glass beads, andhas done buying trips to the Czech Republic. She is a Physician Assistant in mundane life, and also loves quilting, hunting and the outdoors. She has two adult children, Tommy and Celia, and now a grandson, Jonathon, who just turned 7.