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Jim Stratton

Jim Stratton is a chameleon. By day, he is a mild-mannered government lawyer, and lives with his wife and children in southern Delaware. But he's been an avid fan of speculative fiction all his life, and began writing genre fiction 20+ years ago. In recent years he's been forging his dark alter ego of genre fiction author through publication of his tales in venues like Nth Degree Ezine and Bigpulp.com; anthologies like Rum & Runestones (2012), Fantastic Futures 13 (2013) and Bad Ass Fairies IV (2014). He danced in the light when his stories appeared in 2015 & 2016 in the Nth Degree #24 & 27, a further step in his master plan. His final reveal will come with publication of his novel "Loki's Gambit", when he will step into the light of day, triumphant.