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Valerie J. Mikles

Valerie loves dancing, writing, astronomy, sci-fi, and grapes. Her motto in life is “I can be everything I want, just not all at the same time.”

Although she has yet to get paid to eat grapes, she was delighted to learn that people would pay her to study black holes, and spent much of her twenties as a black hole hunter. She was rewarded with an astronomy PhD. Her second favorite science is genetics. How she ended up working on weather satellites for NOAA, we may never know.

Her passion for story-telling extends back to before she could write, and while she won many writing competitions in middle and high school, she pursued physics and astronomy in college. In 2008, she began work on her novels and screenplays, and since then, she has written nine novels. In fall 2017, she achieved a life dream and published her first book, 'The Disappeared.' She is here celebrating the release of her fifth book ‘The Gray Market.’ You can learn more about her books on her website: http://www.valeriejmikles.com

An asexual activist, Valerie has written and produced a series of comedic short films featuring asexual characters. She has recently reformed her ‘Aces’ sitcom into a one-act play, and is negotiating to have that produced as well. You can watch her films online at: http://www.aces-sitcom.com. Her third book ‘Trade Circle’ features an asexual protagonist, and interestingly, she created this character before she even knew there was a word to describe it.

Valerie is also active in community theater and just came off a year of directing Madagascar, Jr. and choreographing and acting in Brigadoon.