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Robert C. Roman

Robert C Roman is an author of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Steam Punk, Space Opera, Superheroes, and Paranormal Romance. Robert has taken a long and winding path to get where he is today. Finally growing tired of life of adventure, Robert settled down with the Ur-Goth and began spawning and writing. Both have borne fascinating, humorous, and occasionally, horrifying fruit. He tells stories, plays games, and raises children and Hell (in that order). Robert has been a staff writer for Steam-Funk Studios since November of 2014, to the benefit of many of their collective projects.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, November 16

5:00pm EST

7:00pm EST

9:00pm EST

10:00pm EST

11:00pm EST

Saturday, November 17

1:00pm EST

3:00pm EST

6:00pm EST

9:00pm EST

10:00pm EST

Sunday, November 18

12:00pm EST