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John Ashmead

John Ashmead has a BA in physics from Harvard, summa cum laude, and a masters in physics from Princeton. For several years he was an assistant editor for Asimov's SF Magazine. Since then he has worked as a software and database developer, working in the medical, legal, advertising, financial, scientific, and other areas, with clients ranging from a perinatal laboratory to a cemetery (his company slogan is cradle to grave programming). He currently supports a leading optical switch manufacturer (your web pages & email travel over switches he helped build). John has stayed part of the science fiction community. He has given talks at NASA, and at Philcon, Balticon, Capclave, and other science fiction conventions on Time Travel, Invisibility, Star Gates, Parallel Universes, and related topics. Recently he co-edited (with Darrell Schweitzer) Tales from the Miskatonic University: what evils lurk in the dark reaches of the Dewey Decimal System? And he is also finishing up a Ph.D. dissertation in physics, Time Dispersion in Quantum Mechanics. He presented this at the 2018 conference of the IARD (International Association for Relativistic Dynamics). His web site is www.timeandquantummechanics.com. His lifetime goal is to build a really practical time machine.